Camping of a different sort

This past weekend I went out to Rocksprings, TX to prepare for the annual ritual of “White Tail Deer Hunting”. We have a camper on our lease, if you can call it a camper. I think that at one time it was, but now it is just a shell. We inherited it from another group of hunters when they left. It really isn’t much more than a tent with hard sides. We managed to build some frames that we put a couple of mattresses on for sleeping arrangements. We’ve tried to fix the leaks in the roof, but it still leaks a little when it rains.
Camper Shell
You can see from the picture that it isn’t much. It does have electricty so we can have lights and run a fan if it is hot. No water, no toliet. Don’t need an inside toliet, we have lots of trees and wide open spaces! We even have electricty outside and a nice fire pit, so it isn’t all bad. Our dog is looking at the camper as to say, “You expect me to sleep in that dump”!

We have to go out each year and fix what mother nature broke during the year. That usually entails repair to deer blinds, fixing feeders that may have been knocked over by the cows or hogs, and chasing unwanted pests out of the deer blinds.
Jane on ATV
On the lease, we have to use ATVs, as you can see, because the terrain is rugged and steep in places and not suitable for trucks. Doesn’t show in the picture, but it really is steep coming up into the pasture.

This is great way to get away from all the hustle and stress of everyday living. Of course, you can say that about camping in general, but here we are 30 miles from nowhere. There are no cars to deal with. All you have to worry about is giving way to an occasional rabbit or deer that might run in front of you. Got to be careful of those pesky rattle snakes though! Don’t want to distrub them, less they ruin your day. Actually, I’ve never seen one on this lease, but they are there.

This kind of camping is a great way to enjoy nature and all of God’s creatures. Not everyone can do this, nor does everyone want to do this as it is a little primative. Many people can get the same feeling by boondocking in the open or enjoying their favorite campground close to the city. The main thing is to get out and camp somewhere and enjoy the great outdoors.


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