Brainard Lake Recreation Area

You can take a dog into a National Park but unfortunately you can not take them on a hike with you. One of the main reasons that we come to this area is for the hiking available in the Rocky Mountain National Park. We travel with our Border Collie and do not like leaving […]


Fourth of July and Anxiety in dogs

It is hard to believe, but this year is half over at the end of today. The months just seem to fly by anymore and the older I get the faster they peal off the calendar.

Tomorrow starts the month of July and with that the celebration of Independence Day is only 4 […]


We had a good Memorial Day weekend

A good Memorial Day weekend? Can a day be a weekend? Funny how we say things! How can a Memorial Day be a weekend, since a weekend implies more than one day. Silly me, we all know what I’m talking about. A better way to say it is Memorial Weekend, with Memorial Day being […]