Back From Medina

We left Medina, The Farm Country RV Park, today and returned to the massive traffic of Houston, TX. It is always so nice to be out in the Hill Country and not be bothered by all of the traffic mess that you encounter in a very large metropolitan area. Unfortunately we left Medina about an […]


People love their Pets

When I was growing up my family had a pet or two along the way, but I can’t ever remember having a pet last more than a year or two around the house. It seems like they either got run over by a car or just ran away. Since I’ve been married (41 years), we […]


Another case made for microchipping your pet

Awhile back I put an article on my website,This Old Campsite about the advantages of implanting a microchip in your pet as a method of locating your pet if it should become lost. Read the article to see the advantages and possible negatives of microchipping. I personally believe that the positives outweigh the negatives. We […]