Choosing the correct vehicle to tow your trailer

If your are new to camping and either don’t have a camper or maybe looking to up grade to a larger camper, you need to know the facts about the capabilities of the vehicle with which you will be towing. (If you are a camper and have a motorhome, then this won’t apply to you.) This is very important because it will make the difference between have a pleasurable experience or a major head ache. There are a lot of things to consider when trying to match your tow vehicle with the camper. The major mistake is in buying a camper that is heavier than the approved towing rating of your car, truck, van or SUV.
You will need to consult the owners manual of your vehicle to determine its capabilites. Since you will be towing, even if it is a popup camper, you need to have a towing package on your vehicle that includes a heavy duty radiator, a hitch installed that is not part of the bumper, a transmission cooler and a wiring harness for electric brakes. The heavier the trailer, the more important these items become. Rather than covering too many details here, I direct you to and article that is written by Warren Petkovsek on our website at Vehicles for RV Towing-How To Get It Right. Warren has been camping for over 20 years and has a great deal of experience matching tow vehicles to campers.


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