Christmas Party @ The Farm Country Club, Medina, TX

The Farm Country RV Park, where we keep our camper for six months out of the year, is adjacent to The Farm Country Club in Medina, Texas. Both places are owned by Homer and Kathy Stevens. Each year, for the last eleven years, Homer and Kathy put on “The Country Christmas Ball”. It is held the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. Since we had our family Thanksgiving at the RV park, we were in the area and therefore available to go to the party. It is a unique setting for a country Christmas party and well worth the cost of admission.

The party is held in the large pavilion. They sell a limited number of tickets, usually 400 at the most and typically sell out in a hurry. The price of admission includes an all-you-can eat buffet, and entertainment by The Almost Patsy Cline Band. Homer provides some unusual decorations with his collection of Christmas bears. It is a very large collection, with the bears being displayed all over the pavilion from the floor to the ceiling. The largest bear in the collection is seven foot tall Jumbo. Another unique fixture was the large fireplace in the middle of the room. As you can see, it is more like a fire pit than a fireplace. Heat is available from all four sides.
Fire pit

We really had a good time at this party. The decorations were beautiful, the food was excellant and the band played some great country music along with traditional Christmas songs. Next year I would certainly recommend this party for your pleasure. You can bring your camper and stay in the park and walk to the party. That way if you have a little too much adult beverage you will not have to worry about a designated drive. The worst you can do is fall over a rock on the way to your camper.


Picture in pavilion

You can see by this picture that we were not appropriately dressed for the party. Almost everyone was dressed in their finest western atire. Next year we’ll be dressed like the natives.
Picture in pavilion

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