Differences in campground locations.

We recently returned from Medina, TX where we have had our camper for the last six months at The Farm Country RV Park.  On the way home we stopped in San Antonio at Blazing Star Luxury RV Resort.  This was covered in the previous post but I had another observation that I didn’t put in that post.

The Farm Country Club RV Park is truly out in the country on a ranch. It is very quite and peaceful out there without any of the city noise. About the only noise that you here, is that of the birds, some of the farm animals and occasionally an airplane that passes overhead. In San Antonio we stayed at a very nice RV park in a nice setting. The contrast of the two campgrounds is that when we were outside at Blazing Star Luxury RV Park the noise level was different. Here you are close to a highway so you here the city sounds including airplane noise and sirens.

What’s nice about rv camping, is that you can choose a diverse number of locations depending on your desires and each night you know who slept in your bed last night. At least we hope you do! Rv camping gives you the ability to be close to a major city with all of the conviences or you can get out in the country in a beautiful setting and enjoy nature.

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