Do you know the height of your rig?

Do you know the height of your rig? If you have a large 5th wheel or motor home, you need to know how tall it is. If you have a smaller trailer, then you probably won’t care.

Some time back I wrote an article on some of the things that happened to me because I didn’t pay enough attention to the details.  In my biggest lack of attention, I thought that I could get my 12′ 8” tall 5th wheel under the canopy at a gas station.  It didn’t fit, so I suffered the consequences.

When traveling down the road, we are constantly going under overpasses.  All overpasses are marked with their clearance height.  Some are lower than others and in some of the older areas of the country the heights can be significantly lower than most.  Here in Texas I have seen a few on the back roads that are around 11 feet or so.  It is necessay to pay attention to those height markers if you have a tall trailer.

In the article that I wrote, there is a video at the end of the article that shows an Everest 5th wheel hitting and tearing down the canopy at a bank.  Below is a video of a rental truck and a 5th wheel with drivers who failed to read, or pay attention, to the clearance sign for a railroad overpass in North Carolina.  The rental truck was a little taller than the 5th wheel so his hit was more impressive.  The person in the 5th wheel cleaned off the vents and air conditioner and just kept on trucking.  I suppose they didn’t find out what happened until they tried to turn on the A/C.  Know the height of your rig to prevent these types of accidents.


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