Do you want to go camping but don’t have a camper?

Have you thought about camping but haven’t decided if you really want to do it? I was at that point one time and it took me awhile to take the plung. Since I made that decision it has been a very pleasant experience. My wife was the one who had the bug for buying a camper long before I made up my mind. During that time we spent several years going back and forth and looking at a lot of campers. We ended up buying a 36 foot Everest 5th wheel as our first camper. Most people start with smaller campers but since I was about to turn 60 we decided that we would either like it or hate it. Well, we like it.
Before you buy your first camper, there should be a lot of thought put into your decision. Talk to people who have been camping and own a camper. Check out websites on camping, such as This Old Campsite. Read the article that has just been posted on the site aimed at first time campers. Warren has been camping for 20 years and has some good advice. Check out the Free Classified section. Feel free to place any item that you might have for sell, or you might find something that you just can’t live without.


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