Elk Meadow Resort and RV Park…Estes Park, CO

We are currently camping in Estes Park, Colorado at the Elk Meadow Resort and RV Park.  This is the 5th year that we have been to Estes Park because we really enjoy this part of Colorado.  Estes Park is surrounded by mountains and is the gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Long’s Peak, the highest point in Colorado at 14,251 feet, is just west of town and can be seen very well from our campground.  It is the magnificent views that we have of the mountains from this park that makes this a nice place to stay.

This RV park has about 172 RV sites with some rental cabins, one rental RV on site and a lot of tent camping sites.  The park is built on a sloping hill so the RV sites are terraced.  This causes a little bit of a problem because it makes some of your site unusable.  When the campground is completely full you can feel a little cramped even thoughthe RV sites are not necessarily too close together.  It is just the geometry of the way they are situated.  With that said, it doesn’t bother us because the views from our campsite are magnificent. 

Elk Meadow Resort and RV Parkhas a number of nice amenities.  There is a heated swimming pool and spa, small miniature golf course, horseshoe pits, game room, and community fire pit.  Picnic tables are available at each of the sites.  Cable TV is available and it works very well.  There is WiFi available and it is free, but it is not the best,  because it only operates at 11 mega bits.  Therefore, it is very slow when a lot of people are using the system.   They also have a nice lodge area where they have planned activities during the week including a nondenominational church service on Sunday morning.  They usually have live entertainment in the lodge on the weekends.  This year, rather than have a contract entertainment group as they have in the past, they have a different group performing each weekend.

Tent camping is a big thing at this park and therefore there are a lot of tent sites available.  They have added some additional sites in the area where they have camper storage.  I guess they put those sites there because of the demand.  There are also several large tepees that are used for sleeping.  These tepees are located in the group camping area by the swimming pool.

If you find yourself in need of a campground in Estes Park, I suggest that you give this place a try.  However, you need to call ahead for reservations as they fill up pretty fast for the summer.  They are closed for the winter.

Breakfast at Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Resort

Breakfast at Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Resort


Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Park

Campgound from our front door


Tee Pees at Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Park

Tepees at Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Park


Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Park

Looking across campground to Long's Peak in the distance



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