Elkmeadow Lodge and RV Resort

We are a little over half way through our stay here in Estes Park at Elkmeadow Lodge and RV Resort. We have been here since the second of August and will leave on the second of September. This is our sixth year here at this park and this is the longest that we have stayed at one time.

We were disappointed with the park last year and have been disappointed with the park this year also. When we first came here, there was a different owner of the park. There were many more activities in the park then but since the new owners took over things have gone downhill.   There are very few activities at the lodge now.  Even the work campers complain about how different things are.  There has been no effort made to improved the grounds of the campground. Because the campground is built on a slopping hill, the sites continue to erode and I don’t see any effort to shore up the erosion. There are also hundreds of ground squirrels in the park that dig burrows in the ground and leave large holes where they enter their little homes. It is unsightly and I’m waiting for the time someone steps in one of the holes and suffers an injury. The WiFi here is less than adequate.  It has a narrow bandwidth so if the campground has a lot of people using it at the same time, then it is as slow as molasses on a cold day.  It needs to be upgraded!

With all that said, this is still the best campground here in Estes Park. The main reason for that is the view of the mountains.

We have done the usual things that we do each year; fishing, hiking, go-cart riding with the grand kids, and miniature golf. Our oldest grandson, who lives with us, has this thing about climbing Deer Mountain like I have a thing with climbing Flattop Mountain. So, a few days ago I climbed Deer Mountain with my grandson on the condition that he climb Flattop Mountain next week with me.

Yesterday morning there were 24 elk that came into the campground. There is a small pond on the western side of the campground where the elk took a bath before going to the small meadow at the front of the campground. I have been told that elk do this on a regular basis, but this is the first time in six years that I have seen it happen.

Picture of elk

Elk at the small meadow at the campground


Picture of Brad and Bradley

Picture of Bradley and Brad on top of Deer Mountain


View of mountains

View of mountains to the west as seen from Deer Mountain trail


Mountain Picture

Picture taken going up Deer Mountain trail


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