Finally got camper back from repair.

We finally got the camper back from the repair shop this past Monday. Hopefully everything will go well and we will not have any major problems for a long time. Minors things tend to pop up with campers every time that they are pulled down the road. It becomes a necessity to learn how to deal with the minor things, otherwise the camper would be in the shop all the time.

After picking the camper up from the repair shop, we thought it would be a good idea to take the camper to Rayford Crossing RV Park for an overnight stay in order to clean the inside and to give the camper a quick washing. After opening the camper and putting the slides out, we noticed that the fascia board on the top of the kitchen slide had a lot of nail holes that had been puttied with a putty color that didn’t match the color of the fascia board. Also there were nails sticking out in the bottom of the slide where there was supposed to be a trim piece. This was not acceptable so I called the dealership and gave them the information.  They were very apologetic and agreed that it was not acceptable.  After some discussion, they decided to send a technician out to the RV park and take care of the problem.  The tech was able to find the correct color of putty and fixed the nail holes.   He wasn’t able to do the trim on the bottom of the slide but will do that as soon as we return home.  I was very impressed that Camperland sent a tech to us at the RV park to fix our problem.  They have bent over backwards to take care of us but have been hampered by the parts department at Heartland.

Bighorn 5th Wheel

The next morning I brought the camper back to the house so we could load it up and head out for Medina and The Farm Country RV Park.  We will leave the camper here for the next three months and travel back and forth from here and home.  We are glad to be back in Medina but haven’t been able to do anything for the last two days due to the steady rain we have been having.  The rain is very welcomed out here since this area has experienced one of the worst droughts in decades.  Hopefully the drought has come to an end.  We are looking forward to some dry weather this next week so we can get the four wheelers out and ride around.



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