First Blog post on camping

My wife and I started RV camping for the first time about six years ago.  She was the one who was more interested in the idea at first.  It took her awhile to convience me that this might be something that we should do since I was nearing retirement age.  However, since we bought our 5th wheel camper, I have now become and enthusiast camper.  We love to travel and this is a great way to see the country.  I was a pilot for all of my working life, so I got to see this country and parts of the world from the air.  I enjoy driving and mostly confine my traveling to the ground.  There is so much to see close up in this country that you can’t see flying across the country.

 Since I enjoy camping, I have not only started this Blog dedicated to camping but I have also started a web site ( ) dedicated to camping.  Hopefully, with the web site and this Blog I will be able to let everyone share in my experience and hope that many of you will also share your experiences with me and the other camping enthusiast out there.  Campers are the most friendly group of people that I have met and I believe that we all have something in common and that would be a love of the outdoors and a love of the beauty of our country.

Although we camp in a 5th wheel, I know that there are plenty of people out there who tent camp and would argue that we aren’t really camping.  In it’s puriest form I would agree with that, but at my age this is as close to camping out that I plan to get.  I camped in the open when I was a boy scout and thought it was great.  I see a lot of young couples with young children tent camping and they are having a great time. 

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