Gas Prices Just Don’t Make Cents But It’s Making Dollars!!!!!!

I guess I just can’t get over the rise in gas prices especially when I see them jump 25 cents per gallon over night.

We are in our camper at the Treetops RV Village in Arlington, TX. Yesterday the price per barrel of oil dropped by over 2 bucks. There is a Texaco station on the corner of Cooper and Arbrook close to the campground. Yesterday the price of diesel was $4.49 at that station. When we drove by yesterday evening there was a gas truck delivering gas to the station. I made a comment to my wife that the price of gas would probably be up in the morning. Well low and behold, the price of diesel went up 26 cents to $4.75 OVER NIGHT!!!! I just don’t believe that that load of gas was that much more expensive. We, the public, are getting RIPPED OFF by someone!

Even with the price of fuel going ever higher, people are still camping. However, as I said in one of my other blogs, I think campers are just staying closer to home but still camping. This campground is full for this Memorial Day weekend. I asked the management here about the concept of people staying closer and they think that that is what is happening since their business hasn’t dropped off.

What do you think?
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