Glacier Basin Campground and Dry Camping

A few days ago we were hiking around Spruce Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park and decided to take the trail from there down to the Glacier Basin Campground which is about a mile away. Last year the Glacier Basin Campground was closed because the park service was cutting down a lot of trees that had been killed by the Pine Bark Beetle infestation that is killing thousands of trees in the National Park. This year the park is open but minus a lot of trees.

The end of the campground that we walked into didn’t have anyone camping there but we noticed a fair number of tent campers and RVs farther into the campground. Since we are campers we wanted to walk on into the campground and see what they had to offer. This campground like most of the other campgrounds in the National Park are dry campgrounds. They have no connections at all but do have water available, you just can’t connect to it. The campground does, however, have a dump station unlike a few of the campgrounds in the National Park.

Although there have been a lot of trees cut down on the south side of the campground, there are still a lot of trees remaining throughout the remainder of the park. The campground is setup with a lot of tent camping sites and with tent pads available at each of the RV sites. That way if you have a tent, you can put the tent up at your RV site and if you have guests, they can sleep outside in the tent! One of the nice things about this campground is that many of the sites have beautiful views of the mountains.  Another nice amenity is the very clean restrooms that are available.  They are as nice as you will find anywhere.

So as we are walking through this rustic campground, my wife is saying, “we need to come here and try tent camping”.  My reply is, “we don’t have a tent and further more I don’t want to tent camp.  We have a nice 38 foot 5th wheel.  Why do we want to tent camp?”  After she thought about it, she agreed that maybe tent camping wasn’t for us.  “Well why don’t we come here and try dry camping”, was her next thought.  I’m not too hot on that idea either!  A lot people obviously like dry camping because most of the campgrounds in the National Park fill up during the peak season.  It just isn’t something that I would like to do.  There are many people who like to tent camp for what ever reason, but not me.  After thinking about possibly going without a shower for a few days, my wife decided that camping in a campground with full hook ups was probably better for us.  Here in Elk Meadow Resort and RV Park, we are not out in the wilds, but we have the same access to the National Park as those who are roughing it in the park.  Everyone has their own idea as to what camping is.  Mine is being in my RV with full hookups.

Glacier Basin Campground

View of Glacier Basin Campground


Glacier Basin Campground

Another view of Glacier Basin Campground




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  • supermom010

    Hello! In about a month, my family will be embarking on a 3 week long trip in our RV. One of our stops will be in the Glacier Basin Campground in CO. My husband put me on a quest to talk to others that have been here to find out about the roads into the park. We have a 34 foot Silverback fifth wheel. He is concerned about narrow and winding roads. We want to know all we can before we get there. Do you have any insights into this?
    We appreciate any information you can provide.
    Angie in Texas

  • Angie,

    You will not have any problem getting into Glacier Bay Campground. I suggest that you go to Estes Park by way of Loveland, CO and take Hwy 34 up. The road is winding and curvey but it is nice and wide. The road from the entrance of the Rocky Mountain National Park up to Glacier is also winding and curvery but buses and large RVs travel the road all day long. I have been in the campground several times but I’ve never camped there. We stay at Elk Meadows RV Park and Lodge about two miles from the entrance to the park. I’m sure you know that the park is water and electric only? Any more questions, either leave a comment here or email me.


  • supermom010

    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! It is good to know that the roads are wide and we appreciate the suggestions for routing. We do know about the available services here and are prepared for it. We have a little piece of land we spend weekends at where we pretty much dry camp, so we are used to it.
    Thanks again,

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