Halleluiah and Pass The Oil

I never thought I could be so excited about oil being below $125.00 per barrel, but then I never thought I’d see oil above $125.00 per barrel. Could this be the bubble bursting or is this just a head fake? Well, I for one hope that it is the bubble bursting and I venture to say that I’m not the only one.

Something has to be done about this energy disaster with which we are faced. The sad thing is that we have an abundace of oil in the United States but our government has prevented the oil companies from being able to go get the oil. The President has lifted his administrative ban on drilling offshore and in ANWAR but the Democratic Party, and the potential Democratic candidate for President, says that it is not a short term fix but would be a long term project. Well DUH! If something had been done 10 years ago we wouldn’t be in the fix that we are in now. If we don’t start today, then 10 years from now the problem will be even worse!! I don’t think you need to be a genius to see that. How long are we going to sit around and watch our hard earned money flow through that oil pipline to the Middle East? It is time for Americans to get mad and do something about the problem!

As individuals, we can do our part in trying to conserve as much energy as possible for a short term fix. The long term fix is to vote for a President and Congress that will get off its butt and do something. There is plenty of oil here if the oil companies are allowed to go for it. However, there are other very long term alternative ways that will help, such as wind energy, solar, nuclear, and to some extent geothermal. Whatever it is, action should be taken and it should have started yesterday! I will have more to say about oil because it affects not only those of us who travel in our campers, but EVERYBODY in more than one way.

I wonder if they can build an truck that uses alternative fuels and can pull a 16,000 lb camper? Let me here your opinion.

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