Halloween comes early at Drummer Boy Camping Resort

This is the third year that we have traveled to Gettysburg in our camper and stayed at the Drummer Boy Camping Resort. The first year that we were here we were surprised at how the folks who stay at this campground go all out to decorate for Halloween. They start the first of October and continue until Halloween is over. Since we always come sometime during the month of October, we get to see at least one weekend of the activities here.

This past weekend was the Halloween festival that they have each year. There are planned activities that include pumpkin carving, crafts, a parade of golf carts that are decorated in Halloween garb, and trick-or-treating for those who wish to participate. There is even a haunted house that a family puts together on their campsite.

It is interesting to watch things unfold here on the weekend.  During the week, there are few people here in this very large campground.  Come Friday afternoon the parade of campers begins as people start pouring into the campground.  By late Friday afternoon almost all of the campsites are occupied.  People take out their Halloween decorations and get setup.  They all have a great time Friday night and all day Saturday.  Come Sunday morning, the exodus begins and by Sunday afternoon most if not all weekenders are gone.  They go back to work and back to school, only to wait in anticipation of the arrival of Friday so they can do it again.


Halloween Decorations

Halloween at Drummer Boy Camping Resort

Halloween Decorations

More Halloween Decorations

Haunted House

Haunted house on a campsite at Drummer Boy Camping Resort


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