Halloween in Gettysburg @ Drummer Boy Campground part II

We checked into the Drummer Boy Camping Resort on Monday of this week. This is a large campground with over 400 RV sites and a number of rental units but there weren’t many campers here when we checked in. When we were making reservations we were told that there were only a few open sites available for the weekend that we would be here. Fortunately we got one of the sites.

As I said in my previous blog, the seasonal campers who were here had really decorated their sites for Halloween. We were curious about the decorations and asked at the front office about why there were so many campers decorated for Halloween. We were told that this is a special time in this campground and they have special Halloween events for several weekends leading up to Halloween. They said that we had not seen anything compared to what we would see when the campground filled up starting on Thursday. Boy were they correct! This campground is completely full and almost everyone decorates for Halloween. We observed campers as they came in and the first thing that they did upon arrival was to haul out the Halloween decorations.

This is really a neat and festive weekend here and the decorations are absolutely wonderful. Most of the people are from the surrounding area judging by the license plates on the cars and trucks and campers. Many famalies are here in groups with a lot of children. The campground holds special events for the kids during the day. I haven’t asked but I would guess that the campgound does special events over the 4th of July.

There is one other campgound that we have been to that does special events during the year, mostly on special holidays like the 4th of July. That campground is very close to our home and is Rayford Crossing RV Resort. They definitely like to have a party when they can. You can visit our website at This Old Campsite to check out other campgounds that we have visited.

Below you can see some of the Halloween decorations here at the Drummer Boy Camping Resort.

Halloween picture

Halloween Picture

Halloween Picture

Halloween Picture


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