Heading North by Northwest finally

We have finally started our trip to Colorado and Idaho. We have been busy for the last several months with the recovery from having our camper stolen to buying and stocking a new camper. This will be our first long trip with our new Bighorn by Heartland. We did a short trip last week to Port Aransas staying at the very nice Gulf Waters Beach Front RV Community. We took 3 of our grandchildren and stayed there only 3 days.

We departed yesterday at about 10:00 am. Our plans were to leave at 8:00 am but I knew that according to our record we would be 2 hours late. We just can’t seem to leave on time! However, we had a lot to do getting everything packed in the camper along with packing the dog, two grandchildren and the cat into the truck. We were crammed in like sardines. However, as the commander of the ship, I had plenty of space on my side of the truck. My wife had the cat, first time long trip with her, in her lap in the cat carrier. As we figured, in about an hour the cat pooped in the crate and then threw up on top of that. We stopped at a roadside park, cleaned the cat up and got underway again. Once the cat had that out of her system, she was fine and perched herself on the console between my wife and myself.

Our first stop was in Corsicana, Texas so we could go into the Collin Street Bakery and get an Angle Food Cake. Surprise, surprise but they didn’t have any Angle Food Cakes. We were disappointed since that was our main reason for stopping there. They didn’t even have any samples of their Fruit Cakes. I always pass by the samples several times so that it looks like I’ve only had one sample.

Last night we stayed at the Ole Town Cotton Gin RV Park in Goodlett, Texas. That is always our first stop when we come up here to Colorado. It is about 9 hours from The Woodlands, so it makes for a nice overnight stay. They always have a breakfast in the moning for 1 dollar per person. I didn’t need it but I had the biscuits and gravy.

Tonight we are in Raton, New Mexico where the temperature is in the 50s. What a difference in temperature from The Woodlands! As we were approaching Raton, we went through some heay rain and a little hail. The temperature on our truck thermometer dropped to 58 degrees. My wife wanted to feel the temperature so she rolled the window down, stuck her hand outside but kept her finger on the switch and rolled the window up on her hand. She put a nice crease in her hand before she was able to get the window down.

So in the spirit of a new camper, or campers in general, the main airconditioner fan sounds like it has a bad bearing. Also, when we put the slides out on arrival here in Raton, there was some water on the floor around the kitchen slide. As I said, we went through heavy rain and some leaked in some how. A few more things for the warranty man!

Tomorrow we will either be in Wyoming or at a repair facility in Colorado. We have gotten to know the folks in Loveland at the RV dealer since it seems like every year we go there to have somethng fixed.

A stop at Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas
Truck by Collin Street Bakery

Ole Town Cotton Gin
Ole Town Cotton Gin

Inside of Ole Town Cotton Gin eating area
Inside Ole Town Cotton Gin


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