Heartland Bighorn keeps on breaking

I wish the title to this blog wasn’t true, but alas, it is. I have written on this blog before about the problems that we have had with our new Bighorn 5th wheel camper. About 2 months ago, I thought that everything had been fixed and we were good to go for a period of time without any problems. Well, while we were on our trip to Estes Park, CO staying at Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Resort, the half time oven/microwave decided that it was tired and would not work as it should. It would run but the food would be cold on one end and hot on the other. Maybe that’s why it’s called a half time oven, it only cooks half the time. That’s one of the problems.

One night as we were preparing for bed, my wife informed me that she could not pull the drawer out from under the fold out couch. I thought that surely it was just a matter of technique and that I would be able to perform the needed action of pulling the drawer out. Surprise, surprise….it was hung up on one end and would not budge! This drawer contained some much needed items for making the bed our grandson sleeps on, so we needed access to it. After putting the couch in the middle of the foor so that I could have access to the backside, I found the problem. One of the mounting rails had cut a hole into the heavy plastic material that the drawer is made of and was jammed into the drawer preventing it from moving. I was able to get the drawer open and remove the needed items but when the drawer was pushed back in, it jammed again. Not a proper working drawer. Definitely needs replacing!

Now for the real problem! While I was washing the camper the day after our return from Colorado, I notice about a three inch crack in the sidewall just below the left bottom corner of the bedroom slide-out. I knew that this could not be good! I called the dealer who sold us this camper and told them what I had found. Their reply was, “you need to bring the camper to us there might be a crack in the frame. We just dealt with another Bighorn with the same problem”. Sure enough, there are at least two cracks in the weld joints at the front of the camper. These cracks allow the frame to flex about two inches when the trailer is attached to the truck. This flexing caused the crack in the sidewall. I consider this a major problem!   They, meaning Heartland, the maker of the camper,  and Lippert, the maker of the frame, have not told us how they plan to get this repaired.  I went to the dealership today and they showed me the two cracks that they have found so far.  There could be other cracks but they will not look for them until the frame rep gets down to look at it.

This camper has been a bad experience for us. Based on our research, we thought that we were buying a quality camper.  It certainly has not turned out to be that at all.  For the most part we have had a good experience with the customer service department at Heartland, with one exception.  There is one rep there who needs to be reprimanded for his lack of sensitivity.  We the customer pay their wages and the old adage that the customer is always right doesn’t seem to matter to him and his arrogance.

More on this later.

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