Here we go again with the Gas!

While we were out in Medina at The Farm Country RV Park, the speculators started driving the price of oil higher again. As a result, the gas/diesel suppliers decided that they need to make more money so up goes the price. There was a 10 cent increase just before we left. The price at home had fallen to $1.89 before we left for Medina week before last. When we came home Wednesday (3/25/2009), I noticed the price at the station that I generally use was at $2.04 that night. The very next morning when I passed the station, the price had risen to $2.09. Only two days later the price had risen to $2.14. So as we approach Memorial Day, the start of the summer driving season, it would appear that the oil companies are out to gouge the American public again! I know…the price of gas/diesel is half of what it was last summer, but let’s hope that it doesn’t go to this again.

Gas price sign

In order to prevent the above sign from appearing again, we the people need to get busy and demand our government get off it’s dead behind and develop alternative forms of energy. Otherwise, the day may come when it will be too expensive to put fuel in our campers or other vehicles. Don’t forget how the high price of gas caused a lot of our consumer prices to rocket up. The cost of living went up dramatically with the price of gas. Wind, solar, nuclear and clean burning coal can prevent us from being ever dependant on countries that don’t have our best interest at heart.

On a brighter note, the last few days have been absolutely beautiful. We received several days of much needed rain to help with the drought that we have been in. The grass is green and the wild flowers are in full bloom making a beautiful spring day. We decided to drive up the highway and have dinner at a Cracker Barrel restuarant. Since we travel with our dog and cat, we are not able to stop at Cracker Barrels like we have in the past. We have a 5th wheel so the animals have to be in the truck when we travel and we can’t leave them in the truck when it is hot. Therefore, we decided to just go to the Cracker Barrel close to home on this fine Sunday afternoon.

Cracker Barrel Restuarant


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