Houston Auto Show

I don’t have any camper stuff to talk about today, so I thought I’d talk about the Houston Auto Show.  My grandson likes the show so we usually go every year.  I don’t particularly care to see any of the cars but I do like to go and see if there is anything new in the truck division.  There is always a range of autos there to suite any size pocket book.  Since I have a small pocket book, I have to stay in the lower end of the building.

One of the things that I notice each year is that the cars seem to get smaller.  If the price of gas keeps getting bigger (that means going up in price), the cars will continue to get smaller until they are as small as the average European car.  I don’t mind that the cars are getting smaller, I just don’t want the trucks to get smaller.  If they do get smaller, how will we be able to pull our 38 foot campers?

Along with all of the flex fuel models and hybred models, electronics are becoming more pervasive in our autos and trucks.  In one of the demonstrations, the presenter talked about the electronic key, or the lack of a key to enter and start the vehicle.  All you need is the electronic key to be on you somewhere.  You can then walk up to the vehicle and enter your code to open the door, sit down and put your foot on the brake and then push the start button.  Then there’s all of the navigation systems, buckup sensors, side blind spot sensors, backup camera’s, electronic ride control, etc,etc,etc.  When I was growing up, the talk was about the fact that someday you wouldn’t have to steer your vehicle.  It would be guided down the road by electronic guy wires.  Maybe that day will come, or maybe I dreamed that!

“So what did I see in trucks”, you asked.  I have always been a GMC man when it comes to trucks and cars.  I love my GMC Duramax but I think that GMC is loosing the battle when it comes to trucks.  GMC had a minimal showing at the show.  I only saw one Duamax and it isn’t any different than the one that I have now.  On the other hand, Ford and Chrysler (Dodge Ram) had a great showing of new trucks.  Both of those manufacturers are doing a pretty good job with their new trucks.  I even liked what I saw in the Dodge Ram and I have always said that I wouldn’t own a Dodge.  Their new trucks looked great!  Their presenter there really talked up the towing capability of the diesel truck.  What I really liked about Dodge and Ford is that the new trucks come with exhaust brakes built in and integrated trailer breaks.  The built in exhaust brakes really got my attention.  The new Ford trucks have some great features.  Supposedly, the engine and transmission are all new.  They have a great electronic package with a menu system that looks at a lot of the things on the truck.  It even has a inclinometer for off road.  It shows the incline of the hill that you are either going up or down.  Both the Ford and Dodge have a greater towing capability than the GMC product.  Looks like my next truck will not be a GMC product, unless they get their head out of the sand.

The neetest thing that I saw was a truck by Toyota.  It was a Tundra that was decked out to be a tailgaters dream.  They call it “Midnight Rider Tundra Tailgater”.  It was inspired by Brooks and Dunn to celebrate their 20 years together.  There is a cover over the bed of the truck to protect all of the tailgate gear that is installed.  When the cover is open there is a 42″ big screen TV that pops up, a great sound system, large cooking pot, BBQ grill and other containers to hold your food.  You’ll see in the pictures that follow that there is a slideout extension at the back in the bed of the truck.  I’m trying to figure out how I can pull my camper with this truck.  It would be great at a campground as well as at a tailgate party.

Hey! I got some camping info in this post after all.


Toyota Truck

Toyota Tundra Tailgater

Back of Truck

Cooking pot and BBQ grill

Grandson in car

My grandson in a Jaguar convertible

Ford Truck

New Ford F250


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