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We took our anual trip to the Houston RV Show this week. As we usually do we went on Thursday during the week in order to miss the weekend crowds. It is always easier to get a better look at the campers with fewer people moving into and out of the campers. Well, crowds were not the order of the day this year, at least on Thursday. We were very surprised at how few people were actually there and we stayed until about 6:45pm. We thought business would pickup by the time we left, but it didn’t. I guess that this is the result of the severe economic downturn that the country is experiencing. Hopefully the show will be better attended Saturday and Sunday! We enjoyed the show as usual and saw some new offerings from the manufacturers. Picture of Houston RV Show

I was afraid that the recession that we are experiencing would hurt the camping industry. Logically it would have to, given the lack of credit availability and the large number of people who are out of work and others who will probably be out of work soon. In our area, there have been two large auto dealers just completely shut their doors. I had not heard but was told by one of the salesmen at the show that Teton Homes and Travel Supreme had both closed down. You have to wonder how many RV dealers there are who might have to close down due to the lack of business. Just like the auto dealers there are lots of camper dealers with a lot of inventory sitting on the lots. So maybe this is a good time to go out and find a great deal on a new camper? You would think so, but I think people who have money are scared to spend it. If our government doesn’t get it’s act together, this economic mess just might get worse.

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On a brighter note, we met some new friends at the camper show, Warren Petkovsek and his wife Myra Warren & Myraalong with a few other couples that they brought with them. Warren has been a contributor of articles for my website, This Old Campsite, as well as contributing some helpful tech tips. Warren has been camping for over 20 years and has some good information to share with the camping community. Warren and his group have also formed an RV club that has a very distinct name; “Farts In The Breeze”. I meant to ask him how they came up with the name but didn’t get around to asking. That’s something that might be left to the imagination.

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