How to camp for free

Over the years since people started RVing, the cost of an overnight at a campground has continued to go up. However, it is still cheaper to stay in a campground than it is to stay in a hotel. We all know that campground rates vary just like hotel rates depending on the quality and amenities that a particular campground has to offer. Also, those campgrounds that are considered destination campgrounds will cost you more for an overnight. Then there are those campgrounds that are seasonal. They have to charge a higher rate in order to pay for their expenses in 6 to 7 months time.

While it is still, for the most part, cheaper to travel in an RV, the higher cost of campgrounds along with the much higher cost of fuel is taking a toll on the budget for vacations. For those families who only travel in a RV a few times per year and go short distances, the cost is less bothersome than for those who like to take extended trips for a longer duration of time. Those who take the extended trips are usually retirees and the cost of those extended trips become a larger part of their budget.

There are ways to minimize or even eliminate the cost of campgrounds. While we can eliminate the cost of campgrounds, we can’t eliminate the cost of fuel for getting from one campground to another.

Warren Petkovsek has written an article, “Work Camper and Volunteer Programs How to Camp for Free”. The article is posted on the website. If you are interested in trying to cut the cost of your RVing, you should take time to read the article. If you have any questions, Warren would be happy to hear from you and answer your questions.

Warren’s article is mostly about Work Camping and doing volunteering work at state parks, national parks and the like. There are many places where you can get free camping for a few hours of work per week. If desire to work camp, you might even be able to make some extra money that could be put towards that high fuel bill you will incur while traveling. It is possible to work camp and put money in the bank.

There are other ways to cut your traveling expenses. Some of these include staying in Walmart parking lots for overnights as you make your way to your destination. Many RVers are into the boon docking experience. Boon docking involves camping on public lands or in National Forest where overnight camping is allowed. There are places across the country where you can camp for as little as $5.00 per night but don’t expect much in amenities. You can find some of these by googling “free camping”. Be sure and check out Warren’s article.


Warren's camper at Pedernales Falls State Park, Texas



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