How to sharpen a knife

How do you sharpen a knife? Maybe the question should be, do you sharpen your knives? I’m sure that if you are like me, there comes a point when the kitchen knife won’t even cut through a stick of butter, so you are forced to do something about it. You either send the knives out to have someone else sharpen them or you buy some kind of sharpener to try to get a edge on them yourself. I have determined that it is not cost effective to replace you knives when they become dull.

Well because of a Christmas gift, I now have a method of sharpening all of my knives and outdoor tools including the lawnmower blades. One of my Christmas presents was a Work Sharp Knife Sharpener. I have written a review which includes their demo video showing how the system works. I am very impressed with this product for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that it is small and very easy to move from home to the RV. I have used it to sharpen all of the knives in our RV as well as the ones at home. There is a warning on the sharpener that tells you to be very careful as the knives will be very sharp. After reading that warning, I proceeded to cut myself with one of the knives I had just sharpened. They really do come out razor sharp!

Take a look at the evaluation and video here! This system is very easy to use.

Knife sharpener

Work Sharp Knife Sharpener system


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