I went fishing today

So what does fishing have to do with a RV and camping blog? Well, for starters, people who camp also like to fish. Fishing is one of those activities that many campers partake in while on their camping excursion. I usually take some fishing gear with me on our camping trips. The gear that I take depends on where we are going. Most of my fishing has been lake fishing for catfish or fishing in the salt water for whatever bites my line.

When we started taking our long trips to the mountains, I decided that I would learn the art of fly fishing. Art is the operative word because I think that catching a trout that is more picky about the food they eat than my grandchildren, is an art. When I go into a fly shop, I break out in a sweat trying to decide what type of fly the trout will like today. I always ask a sales person who immediately begins to spout off names of bugs I didn’t know existed. They hand me a little cup an I fill the cup with the aforementioned flies and spend a small fortune just to not look stupid.

I have never taken up bass fishing for much of the same reasons I have trouble with the fly fishing. There is just too much work involved with trying to decide where the bass are, what the water temperature is what color of worm to use, whether they want to hear something rattling in the water, or looking for something resembling a fog. I think there are as many lures for bass as there are for fly fishing. Far too confusing for me!

My type of fishing is to go to the lake, drop a line off the boat and catch a lovely catfish. The only requirement for bait to catch a catfish is for it to stink. The stinkier the better! Catfishing is probably the least stressful fishing that you can do. The main reason for me to go to the lake is to chill out. I don’t need the pressure of trying to figure out what a fish wants to eat. Worms, shrimp or chicken livers are all you need. If you have any bait left over, you can fry up the shrimp and chicken livers and give the worms to the birds in your yard. Of course you can’t! It just seems like you could.

Today was catfish day. I took two of my grandsons with me. We got up at 5:30 AM packed our gear and headed for the lake. I always get up early to go catfishing. I want to get there before the fish start looking for breakfast. At about 9:30 AM we had a sum total of two fish, neither big enough to keep. I was beginning to get discouraged and could feel a little stress building up within. About 10:00 AM another boat pulled into our area and parked about 100 feet from us. There was a man, his wife and two small boys. Within the next hour they had caught a number of nice catfish. We had caught several more that were not big enough to keep. So we showed up early, the other boat showed up just past banker’s hours and they caught the fish. Go figure! By noon we were without fish, I was mad stressed out and ready to leave, so we did.

Fish Basket

Look! No fish in the basket.


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