If it’s Wednesday….it’s steak night at the 11th Street Cowboy Bar.

This blog was suppose to go out Thursday, but due to technical difficulties with my internet connection it has been delayed until today. Friday was a travel day back from The Farm Country RV Park.

Morning sunrise

Morning sunrise

Thursday morning started out much nicer than any of the other days we had on this trip to The Farm Country RV Park in Medina, Texas.  A nice dry line front passed through and gave us some nice dry air which then gave us a beautiful clear morning with a bright sunrise.  This was much nicer than the early morning fog that we had experienced almost every other morning.

11th Street Cowboy Bar

Outside of 11th Street Cowboy Bar

The Farm Country RV Park, like many other parks, publishes a calender of events throughout the month.  They have bingo night, domino night, men’s breakfast and the ladies get together once a month and go to lunch somewhere in the area.  My favorite event occurs on Wednesday night.  This is “Steak Night” at the 11th Street Cowboy Bar in downtown Bandera, Texas the self proclaimed “Cowboy Capital of the World”.  There’s always a group of folks from the RV park who go there almost every Wednesday.  The idea is that everyone brings their own steak, or chicken if you’re not from Texas, and the Cowboy Bar provides the fixings for a nominal fee and the big fire pits for your cooking pleasure.  The folks start gathering shortly before 6 pm and the cooking starts as soon

Outside Stage for 11th Street Cowboy Bar

Outside Stage for 11th Street Cowboy Bar

as the fire pits are up to speed.  There is always a live band that starts playing around 6:30 pm so that you can sit around and do a little visiting or maybe get in a little dancing before it’s time to cook.  After the cooking and eating is completed, it’s time to get down to some serious dancing.  Everyone always has a good time!  The old folks, which is almost everyone there on Wednesday night, are starting to leave around 9:30 pm.

This past Wednesday night was a good night with a good group of folks from the RV park in attendance for steak night.  When I walked in this time, I noticed a large roped off area reserved for Buckhorn Lake Resort.  Buckhorn Lake Resort is located in Kerrville, Texas about 34 miles north of Bandera, Texas.  Buckhorn is a very nice RV park and they also have organized events for the people in their park.  They have their own bus which they use to provide transportation to various events around the area.

Picture of two couples

Leary, Bob and wifes

Here we have a picture of two of the couples from The Farm Country RV Park.  Leary is on the left and Bob is on the right.  These two cowboys used to work the cattle drives to Kansas in the early 1800s, at least that’s what they told me.  They would be well preserved if that was true! Well, maybe they were just pulling my leg and they are just wanna be cowboys.  They sure do look like cowboys!

Windmill and fire pits

Fire pits below windmill

Folks from The Farm Country RV Park

The young lady with the curly hair is Flossy, the manager of the Park.

A couple from The Farm Country RV Park

Some folks from The Farm Country RV Park

Jane and Brad

My wife and I getting a little dance time.



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