In Elkhart for camper repair

We left Gettysburg, PA yesterday for our stop in Elkhart, IN to have our Heartland Bighorn 5th Wheel repaired. We spent last night in Milan, OH at the Milan Travel Park. The Milan Travel Park is a nice clean RV park that makes a nice place to spend a night on the road. It is located just off I-80.

The day before we left Gettysburg, Friday, I thought it would be prudent to start putting things back in the camper so that I would not be rushed on Saturday morning. As I began to move things around, I noticed that there was some water on the floor of the storage compartment. As I picked things up, I realized that there was a considerable amount of water. So where is it coming from? I had to remove everything from the storage compartment. When I got that done, I could tell that the water was coming from under the partition that covered all of the water lines. I then had to remove the partition. After drying up all of the water, I couldn’t see any leak. I waited for awhile and had my wife turn on all of the water facets. I still could not see a leak so I replaced the partition thinking that it could have been a temporary condition. While I was putting things back into the compartment, I notice the water coming from under the partition. I removed the partition again and finally saw that there was a small leak coming from the cold water supply line of the water heater. The leak was like a drip, drip but was enough to put out a fair amount of water in 10 t0 15 minutes.

This leak in the water heater prevented us from using the water again.  There is no cut off valve to the water heater so any time that the water line is pressurized water goes to the water heater.  The same applies if you try to use the fresh water tank using the demand pump.  Fortunately we got a site close to the bathroom and showers at the Milan Travel Park.  As my wife rinsed out the small dishes that we used last night, she said that she felt like she was really camping out.  I told her I’d rather not have that feeling.

This is just unbelievable! Here we are on our way to have a major problem fixed on the camper and the water heater springs a leak. Everytime we take this camper on a trip, something goes wrong that requires a trip to the maintanance facility.   This will be the fourth problem with the water heater.

So here we are in Elkhart with the broken camper.  I will take it to the factory in the morning.  We are in a motel with the camper parked in the parking lot.  We were required to empty the front closet and needed to remove things we will need for our two to three day stay here in Elkhart.  It was easier to spend the night in a motel than in a campground.  That’s the only way I could make it to the factory by 8:15 am.


Camper Picture

Camper in Milan, OH at Milan Travel Park


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