Installing the 360 Siphon

I just completed the installation of the 360 Siphon on the vent pipes of my RV. The 360 Siphon is a revolutionary patented designed vent cap that will positively prevent downdrafts into the vent pipes for the waste tanks on RVs. When air flows down a vent pipe, it causes a higher pressure in the waste tank than what is present in the living space of your RV. This increased pressure will cause the fumes in the tanks to flow into the RV living space causing an unpleasant odor. The 360 Products, Inc website has a very nice video that details how this vent cap works to prevent waste tank odors from entering your RV.

The 360 Products, Inc website has a video made by Mark Polk on how to install the 360 Siphon. It is a good video and if you desire to install the vent cap yourself I suggest that you watch the video. However, the video shows how to install the vent cap on a new construction RV. So, unless you are building your own RV, there is a additional process that you will need to go through.

On an existing RV, you will need to remove the old vent cap before you can install the better 360 Siphon vent cap. This additional process is to remove the old Dicor, remove the existing screws and then remove the existing vent cap. My biggest concern was in removing the old Dicor sealant without tearing the rubber roof. It was suggested to me that I use a plastic putty knife to remove the old Dicor. That is what I did and it turned out to be easier than I had expected. Once you get the putty knife under the Dicor you can grab it with your fingers and pull it up. You’ll have to continue to work the putty knife around the Dicor until you can get to the screws. When I got the screws out of the old cap, I used the putty knife to gently work under the base of the cap and pull it loose. After I did one, the others were easier. It’s the old learn by experience thing.

Once I had the cap off, I used the putty knife again to clean off as much of the old Butyl tape and Dicor from the rubber roof. I then used my hack saw to cut the vent pipe to the preferred 1/2 inch height as the video shows. I used new Butyl tape as suggested to seal the bottom of the vent cap. I inserted the collar into the vent pipe just a little and then placed the vent cap on a pressed down into place. I was able to use the screws that came out of the old vent cap to screw down the new 360 Siphon vent cap. I then sealed the screw heads and the edges of the vent cap with Dicor lap sealant.

If you are comfortable with being on the roof of your camper, this is a very easy job.  If you are not comfortable with being on your roof, then you should have your local maintenance facility do the job for you.

Vent cover

Working putty knife under Dicor sealant


Vent Cap

Dicor removed. Didn't need to remove upper part of cap.


Vent cap removed

Vent cap removed from vent pipe


Vent pipe cut

Vent pipe cut to 1/2 inch


360 Siphon

New 360 Siphon vent cap installed



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