Interstate 95…..RV Alley

On our return from Maryland, we thought it would be a good idea to take a side trip to Charleston, SC. Since we had never been there, we wanted to visit and take in some of the history of the town. Our route of travel took us down Interstate 95 and we took two days to make the trip from north of Washington, DC.

For those who may not know, I-95 runs from Maine to Miami, FL and carries a tremendous amount of traffic both north and south. We have only used this Interstate once before and that was in the fall of the year. This time it was in the spring. Not only were the leaves coming out on the trees but it looked like the RVs were coming out of hibernation.

For the three days that we were on I-95, we were completely amazed at the number of RVs that were heading north. There had to be thousands! I actually like to use the numerical term Gazillion to represent a large quantity, but that might be an exaggeration since there probably aren’t a Gazillion RVs in the world. At any rate there was just an incredible number of RVs on I-95. We figure that since it was April, all of the snowbirds who went south to Florida for the winter, were headed back north for the summer. There didn’t seem to be as many RVs headed south, but then how would we know. At RV speed, you can’t see all of the RVs in front of you or the ones in back of you. However, when we stopped at a rest stop, we weren’t the only RV there. There were plenty of others.

It was interesting to observe so many different RVs headed in the opposite direction and to see what they carried with them and how they managed to do it. Probably the strangest thing that we saw was a person pulling a fifth wheel and they had a SMART Car mounted on top of the tow truck. You know…one of those small cars I would never drive in traffic. They had built some type of rack that extended over the cab of the truck. The SMART car was mounted on the rack. It would be interesting to see not only how they got it up there but how they were going to get it down at their destination.

When folks go RVing, they are going to make sure they bring their toys with them. Since we saw so many RVs on I-95, we witnessed almost every imaginable way to bring the toys along. We saw folks pulling fifth wheels with a boat attached to the fifth wheel. Others had motor cycles or ATVs behind their fifth wheels. Others had boats above the cab of their truck or on top of the fifth wheel. Large motor homes pull trailers behind them that are almost as big as the motor home. I assume that they have their car and other toys in those large trailers. Yet others where pulling trucks with motor cycles or golf carts in the bed of the truck. We saw another guy with bicycles mounted on the front bumper and large fishing rods on either side of the front bumper. What a distraction that would be, at least for me! There is never an end to the creative ways that RVers find to bring their stuff along.

So when we transitioned to I-10 in Jacksonville, FL and headed west, it was like the RVs disappeared. Rather than seeing groups of RVs every few minutes, it would be a long time between RVs headed in the other direction. Not sure what this means…just my observation.



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