It was a nice day at The Farm Country RV Park

Today turned out to be a very nice day here at The Farm Country RV Park after a very foggy start. The fog eventually gave way to a bright sunny day with the temperature warming up to the low seventys. This was very nice after the cold and rain of last week. According to the weather folks, this won’t last long with another chance of rain this week.

My wife went into Bandera to do a little shopping while I stayed here and worked on the computer and watched the deer out of the camper window. We have a beautiful view of the grounds and the hills from our campsite. The park is full of deer most all day long. They know that they are safe here in the park and sometimes it is possible to get within just a few feet of the deer. They seem to be very curious about us humans and although we are not supposed to feed them, some folks do.


View of computer

View out of camper window

View of Hills

A view from outside the camper

Picture of Black Buck

A Black Buck Antelope


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