It’s not the Camper, it’s the Camping!

My wife and I have been thinking about trading our present camper for a new one. However, with the economic conditions being what they are, we haven’t been able to make that leap yet. We have had our camper for about 6 years now and enjoy it but would like to have a few things a little different. I think my wife has been watching too much of Paula Dean on the cooking channel. She thinks she needs more counter space and storage so she and Paula can practice cooking while we are camping. That’s not a bad thing though, since I like to eat.

Well, I was passed a camper dealership yesterday and the thought of a new camper crossed my mind again. Then I got to thinking that in reality, we can do just fine with what we have. Our 36 foot 5th wheel isn’t much smaller than some one bedroom apartments. Some people might say that we really aren’t camping. Sometime I wonder, since we essentially have all the comforts of home. However, at my age, that is about as close as I want to get to really camping. No more tents and cots for me! Besides that, the thought of a bear dragging me out of a tent for a midnight snack, isn’t appealing.

So that begs the question…what is camping anyway? It’s not the camper or the tent, it is that you just get out and experience the great outdoors and the wonders of nature. The equipment and living conditions outdoors runs the qamut from primitive camping, to popups, travel trailers or class A motorhomes. Now I realize that some people live in their campers full time, so I kinda put them in a class by themselves. Full timers tend to stay in one location for an extended period of time and some will never move. However, many full timers will camp just like the rest of us. They just have the advantage of always being in their campers.

Class A motorhome

Camping, whether it be in a tent or a trailer, allows you to go places that you couldn’t go if your only option was staying in a hotel. If you have children or grandchildren, I can ensure you that the vast majority of them will truly enjoy the outdoors. Most kids like to be outside! Our grandchildren like the electronics that are pervasive in our society, but put them in a camper and they change.

Popup camper

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