It’s official….I’m mad about the price of gas!

It is hard for me to believe how stupid and near sighted our government is. When are they going to wake up and realize that something needs to be done about our dependence on foreign oil? All you can hear is the rhetoric coming out of Washington, but nothing of substance.

I don’t know how many times I have heard that there is more oil in North America than there is in all of the middle east.  The only problem we have is that the government will not let the oil companies go get it.  Not only is the government at fault, but there are special interest groups who don’t want their neighborhood tread upon.  The Gulf of Mexico has a lot of oil but it takes time to get it out and the drilling companies are leaving because of inertia in Washington.  It may take a long time to get those drilling rigs back into the gulf.   Then there is all of the oil in Canada in the oil sands.  I have heard that there is more oil in those sands than in Saudi Arabia.  There is still lots of oil in Alaska that is being blocked.

And then there is natural gas.  We have more natural gas than anybody!  So why don’t we convert our vehicles to natural gas?  Hello Washington, are you there!

There are a number of factors that are causing the price of oil to escalate and one of those GREED.  Speculators are bidding the price of future contracts ever higher as more worries come out of the middle east.  There is a fairly large fear premium built into the price of oil which I think is totally unfair to the American public.  Right now there is an over abundance of oil being fed into Cushing, Oklahoma.  More oil than they have a place to put it.  They are having to build more storage tanks to accommodate the oil.  The problem is that their isn’t enough refining capacity in Cushing to do anything with it.  Go figure!  Why haven’t new refineries been built over the last several decades?  More government intervention I would guess.

So how do you feel about traveling this summer?  Is the price of oil going to slow you down?  I would think that if oil goes where some of the so called experts predict, 220 dollars a barrel, then we will see regular gas north of 5 bucks a gallon and travel would come to a road block.  It is almost at 5 bucks in some parts of the country now.  I believe that prices at those levels will take this country back into a recession and probably a deeper one than we are trying to extract ourselves from now.

I believe that most of us who enjoy the RVing experience will still travel this year, even with the price of gas on the high side of reasonable.  We may just not go as far.  I believe that was the case several years ago when the prices were a little higher that they are now.  Every part of the country has nice campgrounds that are in easy driving distances of home.  We will only travel as far a Colorado for the summer and not do any other touring around the country.

Let’s hope that reason prevails in the middle east.  If so, then maybe the price will fall to where another so called expert is predicting it will go; all the way back to $70.00 per barrel.  How is that for a divergence of ideas?  Oil will either be 220 bucks or 70 buck per barrel this year.  At any rate, we need to ween ourselves from foreign oil so that we don’t have this constant yo-yo effect.  It is making me dizzy!

If you are interested and have heard, there is a website, Gas Buddy, that tracks the lowest prices of gas around the country.  For planning purposes you can check prices along your route of travel us the Gas Buddy website.

As a parting thought, maybe we should have a million RV drive into Washington to protest the price of oil?

Exxon gas sign

Shell gas signLater!


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