It’s Show Time

Houston Camper Show

Camper Show

That would be RV show time. This is the time of  year that most of the RV shows are held throughout the country.

Camper Show

Warren and Myra at the camper show

 They usually start in earnest in January and go until the end of April.  There will be some shows in May and then some others in the fall of the year but most RV shows are held before the summer gets into full swing.  After all, the spring and summer are the busiest times of the year for campers.  If someone is looking to buy for the first time or possibly looking to trade up or trade in a camper, the spring and summer are the most likely times for that and the dealers know that.  Therefore that’s the best time to hold a camping or outdoor show.

If you are looking to buy a camper for the first time, going to an RV show is one of the things  you need to do if there is one convenient to your location.  An RV show will draw most of the major manufacturers so that you will have the opportunity to see in one location a good representation of what a particular manufacturer has to offer.  This gives you the chance to compare different types of trailers and see the quality or lack of quality that is in each trailer.  A lot of people who go to RV shows already have RVs.  Like us they go to get an idea of what is new in the market and sometimes just go for entertainment.  As a potential new person to the camping community, you might be able to visit with someone who owns a particular camper that you might be interested in.  You will find that camping folks are very friendly and like to talk about their rigs, either good or bad.

Before we bought our first camper, we spent a lot of time going from dealer to dealer but also went to several RV shows before we finally made up our mind about which trailer we wanted to buy.  You will find deals at the camper show but I’ve never been able to tell for sure whether you would be getting the best deal that you can get at the show.  Some people do buy at the shows but I don’t think that I would ever do that.  I’m not the impluse type buyer.

Other than the campers that you will find at the camper shows, you will find a lot of the after market products available as well as a lot of campgrounds there pushing their product.  To find a RV show near you, check out the camping show page of our website.  Happy shopping!


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