Keep the RV or camper ready for a fast getaway.

Spring has sprung and it is time to start thinking about dusting off the RV and getting ready for camping. I guess that would apply to those who live in the cold climates and haven’t been able to get the camper out and have had it winterized. For those of us who live in the warm climates, we have been camping off and on all year.

Although my title says to get the camper ready for a fast getaway, I’m not talking about preparing for a bank heist. Rather I’m talking about what you leave in your camper during the camping season that will allow you not to have to reload the camper every time that you take a trip. We tend to treat our camper like a second home and leave a lot of items in it during the year just as you would a vacation home. We can’t leave everything we need in the camper all year so we still have to load items before each trip.

We keep our camper pretty well stocked with the things that we need for our trips. Things such as eating and cooking utensils, linens, tools that I need for unforeseen repairs, and items that we collect that are just for the camper. We leave some clothing in the camper but not everything that we need in that area. Of course you can’t leave anything in the refrigerator unless you have electricity available in your storage unit and then I’m not sure I would do that anyway. In terms of food, we leave dry goods and some caned goods in the pantry along with paper products. You certainly don’t want to leave anything in the camper that would spoil while it is in storage. The more things that you can leave in the camper the less time spent loading prior to the next trip.

For those of us who are not fortunate enough to have an area at home where we can keep our camper while not using it, the problem arises as to how to load the items that we need prior to our trip.  In our case, we live on a culdesac with wide streets and can park our fifth wheel on the side of the street for a couple of days before the association tells us to move it.  We bring the camper to the house the day before the trip and turn the refrigerator on so that it will be cold enough to put our food in it.  The night before our trip we load almost every thing except for the cold food unless the refrigerator is already cold enough.  The morning of departure, we load the last minute items and make our fast getaway.

If a person doesn’t have a place at home to load the trailer, I guess you have to make several trips to storage to load those items that you don’t keep in your camper while it is in storage.  I know that some folks will take their camper to a nearby campground and spend one night before a long trip so they can adequately prepare the camper for the trip.  We have taken our camper to Rayford Crossing RV Park, which is campground near us, several times just for that reason.

I’m always amazed at how much stuff we have to pack for a trip, especially a long trip.  Keeping a lot of it in the camper year round makes the loading a little less painful.



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