Last Day in Medina….but only for awhile

Today started out with low clouds and some heavy drizzle that turned to light rain for a brief period. It wasn’t much but any rain out here is very welcome. As the day progressed, the clouds gave way to sunshine and a very warm temperature. My truck thermometer showed 85 degrees at mid afternoon.

Today is our last full day here at The Farm Country RV Park in Medina, Texas until we return the first of October for another 6 month stay. Tomorrow we will say goodbye to the friends that we have here and will look forward to seeing them again in October. Most of them are winter Texans and will be leaving next month to go back north like the migrating birds. They will all be returning in the fall.

Camp Verde TexasYesterday we went to one of my wife’s favorite places, Camp Verde, which is only about 5 or 6 miles from here on the way to Kerville on Highway 173. Camp Verde consist of only one place of business. It is a gift shop, and restuarant. They sit on the site of Historic Campe Verde which got it’s fame from an experiment with Camels during the late 1800s. I will have more to say about Camp Verde next week when I put it on my website, This Old Campsite, as a place of interest.

We left Camp Verde and went down to Tarpley, Texas. Tarpley is about 12 miles west of Bandera on FM 470. There is a campground there that I wanted to take another look at. It is the Carribean Cowboy RV Park. There were a few campers there, but it is not a campground that I could recommend. We continued into Tarpley, population 30 according to the last census. We stopped at the Ole Tarpley TownSquare. It is essentially the only store in Tarpley. There is a business across the river, but according to Richard & Aurora Williams, the owners of Ole Tarpley TownSquare, the city limits of Tarpley stops at the bridge. We went into Ole Tarpley TownSquare looking for a fresh cup of coffee and met Richard & Aurora Williams. They made some fresh coffee for us and treated us as though we were long lost friends. We sat down and visited with them for almost an hour……a very pleasant visit. They invited us to come back and visit again, and we will.

Ole Tarpley TownSquare

We departed Tarpley and went back to Bandera to get some Coconut Cream Pie at the OST Restuarant. The OST has a lady that makes homemade pies for their restuarant. We highly recommend them if you like deserts. We also highly recommend the OST as a place to eat while in Bandera. OST stands for Old Spanish Trail, for those who don’t know and have always wanted to know.

We went back to the campground, picked up our grandson and went into Kerville for Mexican food. Upon returning to the campground, we ate the very delicious coconut cream pie we had purchased earlier.


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