Let the adventure begin again

Yesterday my wife and I made our final decision and bought a new Heartland Bighorn 5th wheel. It is a replacement for the Everest 5th wheel that we bought in 2002 and was stolen from us on April 13th, 2009. We had to order the camper since we couldn’t find one with the options that we want. It will be delivered in 4 to 5 weeks.

Bighorn 5th Wheel

This has been hard on us trying to find a replacement for a camper that we truly enjoyed owning. Although we had talked about trading the Everest in for a model that has some additional features that we wanted, this was not the way it is supposed to happen. We have insurance that will pay us market value, but the idea that someone stole part of our life is very disturbing. Now I wonder if someone will try to steal this one. It kinda makes me paranoid.

The Everest that we had was the first camper that we have ever owned. We looked at campers for several years off and on trying to decide if we really wanted to get into the camping world. Neither of us had ever camped, or should I say RVed, in our life. Neither of our families were ever interested in camping so I’m not sure what really got us to thinking about the concept of camping. My wife was really more interested in the idea than I was, but I humored her and went looking at campers. The year before I retired, the bug started to hit me. Some of my fellow pilots were talking about buying campers and taking off to see the country after retirement. So, one day we walked into this Everest camper and we both decided that this was the one. I had just purchased a new diesel truck and knew that I could haul the trailer. Me made the decision to buy it and came to an agreement on price. The salesman was surprised that we wanted such a big camper as our first camper. He said that most people started small and went up. Our comment to him was that we would either like camping (RVing) or hate it. If we liked it, we wouldn’t have to look for a bigger trailer in a year or so. We had friends who told us the same thing as the salesman, but we didn’t listen to them either. Rather than go to a local campground for a shakedown cruise, we ventured off 350 miles or so to Junction, Texas. That’s a whole story unto itself, but the bottom line is that we love camping (RVing) and will do it as long as our heath holds out.

Gone, but not forgotten!
Everest 5th Wheel

So, almost seven years later, someone stole our beloved Everest 5th wheel and all of the things that we had collected over the years. We kept the trailer stocked so that we didn’t have to put anything into the camper but food and a few additional clothes when we were ready to go, and we went a lot. The Bighorn that we have purchased will be a very good replacement. It has all of the features of our Everest plus some of the things that we had hoped to add anyway. The best thing about it is that I can pull it with the truck that I have. If we had gone heavier, we would have had to buy another truck and we didn’t want to do that.

To all you folks in camper-land, do your best to protect your camper. Don’t ever think that it is too big to steal. If a thief wants it, he/she will certainly try to get it. Make it as difficult to take as you possibly can. I for one will be proactive and come up with several different ways to protect my next camper.

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