Made it to Drummer Boy Camping Resort in Gettysburg, PA

I had planned to post several blogs along the way on our trip to Gettysburg but I just didn’t get it done. After driving for 7 to 8 hours per day and then having to setup the camper, I was just too tired at night to think about blogging.

The trip was almost uneventful. Our first night was in Oklahoma City, OK at the Twin Fountains RV Park. The second night was at the Gasconade Hills RV Park on the banks of the Gasconade River in Richland, Missouri. Our third night was at the Terre Haute KOA in Terre Haute, IN. The fourth night was in Zanesville, Ohio at Wolfie’s RV Park. Yesterday was our last day on the road but was the prettiest driving day that we had. We came through parts of Ohio, West Vriginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and back to Pennsylvania. The fall colors seemed to be at their peak and were just magnificent. The prettiest colors that we have ever seen on a trip up here. Unfortunately we were not able to get any pictures along the way. When you are traveling down a busy interstate, it is not possible to stop on the side of the road when you see a place to take a pretty picture. Then when you find a roadside park, you don’t have the setting that makes a nice picture. Maybe we can get some good pictures while we are here.

Yesterday was the somewhat eventful part of our trip. My wife put her thyroid pill and another pill she takes on the counter in the camper. I saw them sitting there but didn’t think much about them. Suddenly I heard her say, “where are my pills? I just put them on the counter and now they aren’t there.” We both thought that somehow the pills had been knocked onto the floor and since we couldn’t find the pills, we assumed that our dog had eaten them. My wife went panic mode trying to find the pills and she couldn’t remember if she had actually taken the pills. She was afraid now that the dog might get sick and die. We had to wait until the vets office at home opened so that Jane could call and ask what to do. While she was panicking over the pills, I went outside to take care of my duties of putting things away and hooking the truck to the camper. When I started the truck, it took a long time for the glow plug light to go out. (On a diesel, the glow plug light has to be out before you can start the truck.) After the truck started, the check engine light stayed on. What’s wrong now? I shut the truck down and started it again but the check engine light wouldn’t go out. We had a long day ahead of us and I wasn’t going to drive all that way with that check engine light on.

The owner of the campground pointed me to the GMC dealer in Zanesville. I arrived at the service department I told the service person that I was trying to get to Gettysburg. They only had one diesel mechanic avialable so I was worried that I might be in for a long wait.  However, they put me next in line.  I was out in about an hour.  I was very pleased with how the folks responded to my need to get “on the road again.”  Pun intended!

When I got back to the camper, my wife had found out the the thyroid pill would not hurt the dog, even if the dog had eaten it. My wife also told me that she had received a call from a very close friend that their son had been killed in a car accident a few days ago. That alone put us in a sad mood for the rest of the day. After we talked about that event, we left Zanesville about 11:30 am, much later than we had planned.

We arrived at the Drummer Boy Camping Resort after dark.  I hate trying to back this big camper into a site after dark especially when there are no lights and no moon!  I can’t see anything while backing and have to rely on my wife to make sure that I don’t hit anything.  Since I have to be more conservative when it is dark, it takes a lot longer to park.  After what seemed like a very long time, we had the camper parked and the remainder of the setup complete.  By this time it was almost time to go to bed.  It was nice to get up this morning and not have to pack up and hit the road again.

The KOA in Terre Haute has three donkeys.  I guess they use these for the kids to pet while at the park.


Donkeys at Terre Haute KOA

Nice colors at Wolfies RV Park.

Trees with changing colors

Fall colors at Wolfies RV Park


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