Microchipping your pet

A few days ago there was a news clip on The Today Show about a family who lost their Beagle dog. Apparently the dog dug out under their fence and disappeared down the street. Someone must have picked the little Beagle dog up and took it with them. That was 5 years ago! The family recently received a phone call from a pound, I believe it was South Carolina some 850 miles away, that they had the families dog. The reason that the pound was able to track the family down was because the dog had a microchip inserted when it was young. The microchip identified the family who was still at the same address and they were reunited with their Beagle dog.

Recently I wrote an article on my website, This Old Campsiteabout the advantages of microchipping your pet. This is clearly a good example of the value of the microchip. As I said in the article, we have had our dog microchipped as well as making sure that the tag around her neck is kept up to date. The problem with the tag on the collar is that it can come off, whereas the microchip is pretty much permanent. Do yourself a favor and have your pet microchipped!


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