More on gas prices & trip to Maryland

It looks like the financial system of the world is crumbling and along with that the price of oil is falling off the wall, but that’s a good thing. There are two problems I see here. The first is that the price at the pump isn’t falling at the same rate that the price of oil is falling. Gas sign
When oil is rising in price, the price at the pump goes up at the same rate. The second problem I see is that we will certainly be paying less at the pump than eariler this year, but if you don’t have any money when you go to buy gas then it doesn’t matter. Oh well, cheer up and go camping.

That’s what we are doing. We are on our way to Maryland to visit our son and his family. When we started a couple of days ago, the price I was paying for diesel had fallen from $4.89 to $3.65 per gallon. As we went north the price actually came down to as low as $3.47 per gallon but my last purchase was $3.85 per gallon. Hopefully prices will continue to fall and the economy will stabalize and people will not loose their jobs.

We left home early afternoon planning on driving no farther than Shreveport, LA on the first day. We’ve never stayed in Shreveport before so we had to find a campground and take potluck that we would find a good one. The one that we picked was Tall Pines RV Park on the west side of Shreveport. What a good choice!
Tall Pines RV Park
This is a campground that is transitioning from a KOA to independent ownership. It has been around for awhile but is in very good condition. I visited with Tom Landis, the owner of the campgound. He is planning on adding other ammenities, such as a small restaurant on the end of the existing building. He and his wife really care about their park and the concept of taking care of the needs of their campers. I will have more to say about Tall Pines RV Park when I get their info posted on my website This Old Campsite. If you are traveling through Shreveport and need a place to camp, I strongly recommend Tall Pines RV Park.

Our trip continues and the price of diesel is holding steady in the $3.47 to $3.69 range.


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