More on gas prices

I picked up the paper today to see an article that President Bush was surprised to hear that gasoline prices could reach $4.00 per gallon.  I voted for him but he has to hiding under a rock not to think that gas will not go there if the price of oil keeps going up!  The article said that in San Mateo, CA the price is already at $4.32 per gallon.  Obviously there will be variances across the country but if oil goes to $120.00 per barrel (and the so called experts think that it will sooner than later) the average will certainly be over 4 bucks.

I guess the pain threshold hasn’t been reach yet, because I still see lots of campers motoring down the highways and byways.  I went to the lake today and saw plenty of campers going in both directions.  The people that I feel sorry for are me and all of the good folks who like to camp and are on fixed incomes.  The cost of living (as in gas prices) keeps going up, so if you are on a fixed income it doesn’t take a genious  to see the effects.

I guess that if you are a dedicated camper you just have to find a way to make it work out. 


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