More thoughts on gas prices

In the business section of the paper this morning there was an article about the trucking industry.  As you might think, this continuing runup in gas prices is having an adverse effect on that industry.  The ones that are getting hurt the most are the owner operators who have to compete against the large trucking firms.  Some of them are already saying that they may not be able to stay in business if prices continue to rise.  The large companies are better able to raise their prices for shipping than the independants.  Of course, this rise in price ultimately hurts us, the comsumer.  Who is at fault for this rise in the price of oil/gas; the oil companies or spectulators in the futures market?  I personally think that it is the latter.

I was back up to the lake yesterday and still saw a lot of campers moving around.  I visited a couple of campgrounds around the lake yesterday and they were almost full of campers.  I guess the pain at the pump hasn’t become too great sofar.  I plan to continue to camp this summer but we may not drive quite as far as we have in previous years.


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