My other camper.

When we go to the deer lease out in Rocksprings, Texas we usually stop and spend the night in the camper at The Farm Country RV Park. However, since the camper is still in the repair shop we were not able to do that when we went deer hunting this week. We did have to stop by the campground and pick up the two four wheelers that we keep stored there. Without the four wheelers we would not be able to get around on the lease since the terrain there is very rocky and rough.

I invited a friend to go huning with us. He had never been to Rocksprings and was happy to have the opportunity to go hunting and put some meat in the freezer.

My othe camper

My other camper

He wanted to know what kind of sleeping accomodations that we had at the hunting camp. I informed him that we had a camper that had seen better days. It is more of a place to get out of the weather than a place of comfort. The camper is just a shell with no facilities, but it does have electricity. The toliet facility consist of 400 acres of trees and brush. All you need to do is to find the perfect tree for your use. Being a true outdoorsman, that didn’t seem to bother my friend at all. If you truly need to take a bath, there is a large stock tank up the hill that some guys use mostly in the warmer months. Deer season is not a time for a bath in the stock tank! I can stay there for three days without a bath, but that’s about my limit. When I start smelling like the deer, it’s time to leave.

The red barn

The red barn



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