Nice touch for a Campground

I just put a recommendation for the Carlsbad KOA on my website. I gave them a good recommendation because it is truly a nice campground. However, they did something for us that I thought was a good touch. We had left Mesa Verde early one morning and were trying to get as close to home as possible because there was a hurricane threatening the Texas coast and we wanted to be able to get home if need be. We had planned to stop in Santa Fe but decided to push on to Carlsbad, NM since that would have been our next stop anyway. The drive was 11 hours and as the afternoon wore on it began to rain and rain hard at times. We realized that we would be getting into Carlsbad around 8:30 pm and probably in the rain. When we got into Roswell we had a hard time finding a station that we could get into with the camper. Needless to say we were tired and our nerves were a little on edge. After finally finding a station at the edge of town, we pressed on to Carlsbad in the rain and dark. We still had not found a place to eat and didn’t want to try to access the camper with all the rain. I then remembered from last year that the KOA cooked barbecue brisket every night. I had my wife call and ask how late they served. They stopped at 7:00 pm, but learning of our situation said that they would fix us three meals and keep them warm until we arrived. We got there at 8:30 pm and the meals were ready and warm. That was a very nice touch for the Carlsbad KOA.

I highly recommend the Carlsbad KOA if you are in the area. You can check them out on the website at Carlsbad KOA at This Old Campsite.


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