Oh NO! A blown tire from China

We departed The Farm Country RV Park in Medina, Texas and headed home. We left late in the afternoon since we were in no hurry to get home. When we go out there we take our ATVs with us in case we go to our deer lease in Rocksprings, Texas. Therefore, I was pulling the trailer with the truck. This is the second year that I have had this trailer and haven’t had any problems with it and it came with new tires, tires that were made in China. I did not pay attention to that when I bought the trailer new last year.

So, we are going down Interstate 10 doing 70 mph and it had just turned dark. I heard a change in the road noise but couldn’t decide why. Everything seemed to be in order with no vibration. Suddenly I felt the change and the vibration! I knew immediately that a tire had gone flat. I was able to pull off the road far enough and fortunately it was the right side tire away from the road. Since the trailer isn’t that big, I figured that I could change the tire myself and save time. My truck is an ’06 GMC and I have never had a reason to use the jack. I knew where the jack was located but couldn’t find the tire tool for cranking up the jack and removing the lugs. As it turns out, GMC forgot to install the tire tool when they dilivered the truck. A call for roadside assistance was necessary and about an hour later we were back on the road running on tires made in China.

Flat tire

I wrote a blog several months ago about tires made in China. A good friend has a camper that was delivered with tires made in China. He was going down the same Interstate and had a blowout that did damage to the camper as the steel belts spun around under the wheel wells. He ended up loosing the other tire on the same side and spent hours on the freeway waiting for a new tire. My friend no longer has tires on his camper that say “Made in China”.

Do I have a point? My point is that I don’t believe that tires made in China are worth a plug nickle! It seems that everything, but I know it isn’t everything, we use in this country is made in China and China is having a very large problem with quality control. There have been many cases recently of inferior products from China. They can’t even control the milk that they feed their babies! We need to get back to making everything that we use in this country. Everything needs to read: MADE IN THE USA!!! That equates to jobs for Americans.

Flat tire

Back to the tire issue. When you buy tires, make sure that you get good quality tires and know the capablity of those tires. There are many reasons for tires to go flat, and many of them will, but make sure that you have good quality and the tires are in good condition. That applies to every tire you buy for any vehicle that you own. On my website there is a good article about tires. Check it out and any of the other good information about camping.


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