On our way home from Estes Park, Colorado

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to Estes Park after having been there for the entire month of August.  This was our 5th consecutive year of being in Estes Park.  If the Lord is willing we will return next year for another visit.  We really love Estes Park and Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Resort.  There are other places to go in the mountains but not many as beautiful as Estes Park, Colorado.  We have some friends who have been meeting us there for the past 3 years and they plan to make Estes Park a yearly visit for them.

So what is there to do for a month or more while in Estes Park?  You don’t have to do much of anything other than sit back, relax and enjoy the cool mountain air while staring at the beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains.  However, if you need something to do, there are drives into the mountains, 350 miles of beautiful hiking trails, horseback riding, fishing, bike riding, and a lot of places to shop.  You can always find something to do when you tire of relaxing.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs of our travels, we have a white cat that started traveling with us a few years ago.  She has turned out to be a good traveler but she has a problem of car sickness when we first start out on a trip, especially if the road is a winding one.  Well, the road down from Estes Park is very curvy as it travels along the Big Thompson River.  We travel with a 5th wheel so the cat has to be with us in the truck.  Her perch is between the two front seats on the console.  The dog shares the back seats with our grandson.  We hadn’t gotten very far down the road before we could tell that the cat was getting car sick.  My wife is really good with the paper towels that she holds in front of the cat until she finally throws up.  This time, the cat decided that she needed to poop at the same time she was throwing up.  My wife was holding paper towels in front of the cat’s face and had to put one very quickly at her bottom as she did her business.  It was quite a show of dexterity on the part of my wife.  She managed to catch the front and back at the same time.  Needless to say, it was a stinky mess and the windows came down!  Our travels are rarely boring!

We are taking an extra night to get home.  Rather than the usual two nights on the road, we are taking 3 nights.  It is preventing us from having to dive 8 to 9 hours per day.  Our first night was in LaVeta, Colorado where we have stayed two or three time before.  We stay at a Elk Valley RV Park which is a small RV park across from a nice golf course.  From there you have very nice view of the Spanish Peaks.  We took our dog on a walk around the golf course and saw a red fox and a lot of Mule Deer.  They have bears in the area but fortunately we didn’t see any while walking.  Tonight we are in Amarillo, Texas at the Oasis RV Resort.  We have never stayed at this campground but are glad that we chose this one.  It is very nice and will be put on the website after we return home.  Tomorrow we will be staying at the Texan RV Resort south of Fort Worth, Texas.  We have never been there before and it will also be put on the website after we return home.


Sussie the 17 year old cat



View of Spanish Peaks from camper in Elk Valley RV Park


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