On our way to Colorado 2016

Each year we head out for Colorado to get out of the Texas gulf coast heat and humidity. We always end up in Colorado but many times will go to other destinations before settling in Colorado for at least a month. This year we decided that Colorado would be our only destination and would split our time between Creede and Estes Park.

Last year while we were on our way to Canada we picked up a screw in one of our trailer tires. Fortunately I found the leak while we were in Cheyenne, WY and was able to get the leak fixed the morning we departed Cheyenne. The tire stayed inflated for the duration of our trip to Canada and back home through Colorado. So I figured that Discount Tire had done a good job. One of the nice things about Discount Tire is that they fix flats for free.

We had our trailer at our house so that we could get it ready for our trip. The night before our departure I checked the tire pressures on the trailer and found that the tire that had been repaired last year was down 20 psi. I carry 105 psi in the “G” rated tires so I knew that there had to be a leak in the tire. It was too late to get anything done with the tire so it would have to wait until morning. On our way out we pulled into the local Discount Tire and had them check it out. They found that the patch that was put on last year was leaking. They repaired the repair and said that all was well.

When we take a trip in our RV, we always have some sort of problem but fortunately by the grace of God, we are in a place to have our problems solved without much trouble.

The first leg of our trip took us to Burkburnett, TX and the KOA. The next morning I knew that I should check the tire pressures again. The same tire was lower than it was the day before. Burkburnett is a small town north of Wichita Falls, TX. I figured that I would have to go into Wichita Falls to find a place I could pull the trailer in to have the repair made. However, I was directed to the Haney General Store downtown. I pulled up next to the store on the street. They found that the patch that was fixed twice was leaking again. They were able to fix the patch but I had them take the spare tire off and put it on the aluminum rim and used the patched tire as a spare. Hopefully, the tire problem is solved! All of this effort only cost $15.00. I love small towns!

Off we go for our next stop in Raton, NM. When we got to Dalhart, TX, I thought that I should stop at the same Valero station that we always stop at and fill up. Problem! In Dalhart they are tearing up the main street and putting in new a new concrete street. I was a little hesitant to go across the torn up portion because of the dip that was made by the construction. I went at an angle and had no problem. After filling up, I had to go straight out to enter the road. However, I noticed that the dip was bigger here than where I came in. Our trailer has a hitch welded to the frame and has skid bars on either end. This makes the trailer low in the back. As I entered the construction, I figured I would scrap a little on the back but to my surprise the skid bars dug into the hump. I tried to go forwards but we were stuck! I tried to back up, but no luck. When I got out of the truck and went around to look, I was shocked to see how far I had dug into the asphalt.

As I said earlier, we have problems but things work out for us.

While I was looking at the back of the trailer, a man in a red truck pulled up and told me that I would have to back out. I told him that I had already tried that. He was very nice and said that he could get me out. Rather than go into the details of how we got unstuck, I will just say that he and another man got me out. They were both locals and told me that since the construction started they have one or more trailers stuck each day. The police even showed up and confirmed what they said. So if you got through Dalhart, TX while this construction is going on, beware of turning across the torn up portion.

I felt bad about getting stuck but I was luckier than some others. One of the men told me that a motor home tried to cross where I did and tore up the under belly of his camper. We were lucky that we have the hitch welded to the frame in the back and have the skid bars. Otherwise we would have torn the bumper off the back of the trailer. As it is, we had no damage to our rig.

After leaving Dalhart, the rest of the trip to Creede went without any more problems.


Trailer stuck at Valero truck stop in Dalhart, TX


I am watching as my best new friend gets me unstuck


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