On the Road Again Tomorrow

Tomorrow we will be hitting the road for a trip to Maryland for a visit with our son and his family. We will be staying in the same campground where we stayed last year…Drummer Boy Camping Resort in Gettysburg, PA. We tried to get into a different campground this year but unknown to us, there is an annual Apple Festival going on at the time we are going to be there. All of the campgrounds in the area were already booked up. Drummer Boy Camping Resort has some seasonal sites that free up this time of year so we were able to get a site there.

We will be taking the same route that we took last year with the exception of going out I-10 and passing north of New Orleans and then up to Birmingham, AL and picking up the same route. Last year we went up through Sheveport, LA and picked up I-20 and up to Birmingham and then on up to Maryland. I’m not looking forward to some of those roads up there. They are absolutely terrible with all of the bumps. Also, unlike the west the traffic is almost like rush hour traffic all day long. Oh well, it’s a price we have to pay. Hopefully the leaves will be truning and we will enjoy that.

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