On the road to Colorado

We started our annual trip to Colorado yesterday, 6/18. We can’t wait to get there and hopefully get out of this oppressive heat that has a grip on the south and especially Texas. Our trip will take us to La Veta, CO, Creede, CO, Colorado Springs, CO and then to Estes Park, CO. We will spend the month of August in Estes Park.

Before we were able to start this trip, I had to put on my Do-It-Yourself hat again. On our trip to Gulf Shores, AL, I noticed that the fender skirt over the tires on the door side of the camper was cracked in several places again. We had had that replaced twice while the trailer was still in warranty. The fender skirt is made of some type of soft plastic. The constant movement causes cracks where it is screwed to the frame. I ordered a new fender skirt and replaced it myself. I found that when the repair facility fixed it last time, the bracket that they had made to help stiffen the fender skirt was about 1/4 inch to long. I think that caused some pressure on the fender skirt which probably help cause the cracks. I made a new bracket that fit better. Hopefully this will stay fixed for a few years.

So, last night we stayed at the Coyote Ranch RV Resort in Wichita Falls, TX. It is a new campground and is very, very nice. We were impressed with the layout and the facilities that they have in place. Not only is it a campground, but it is being developed as a place for weddings, family reunions and corporate events. They have two swimming pools and five areas where rallies can be held. I will post the campground to the website later this week if I have a good Internet connection.

Tonight we are in Amarillo, TX at the Oasis RV Resort west of town on I-40. We stayed here last year and really liked it so we decided to stay here again. It is still a very nice campground with all concrete pads. We stopped here thinking that we would go to the Palo Duro Canyon and see the play “Texas”. When we arrived the temperature was 98 degrees. It was still 98 degrees at 8 pm. Since the show is outside down in the canyon, we cancelled those plans because of the heat.

Tomorrow we will leave and go on to Raton, NM. We have one of our granddaughters with us. She has never travel with us and we want her to see the Capulin Volcano east of Raton. We took one of our grandsons there last year and he enjoyed it.

Coyote Ranch

Chapel and Lodge at entrance to Coyote Ranch RV Resort


Swimming pool

Swimming pool and lodge at Coyote Ranch RV Resort



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