Operation Naptime

We are at the Grand Teton RV Park just east of Moran, WY after 4 days of driving. The last couple of days were somewhat stressful so this afternoon Missy, the border collie, and I are taking a nap and enjoying the cool breeze blowing through the open windows of the camper. I don’t have a thermometer but my guess is that the temp is in the high 60s. What a change from Texas!

Two days ago, preparations were underway for departing the Raton KOA in Raton, NM. The supreme commander, that would be me, is outside performing the menial tasks of dumping the gray and black water tank, and preparing the rest of the outside for departure. Suddenly I hear, “Brad, where is the cat?” I reply with “Well how would I know, I’m outside with the dirty task and the cat should be inside.” The wife’s reply is, “I can’t find the cat!” The wife then remembers that the cat, Sussie, had tried to crawl into a space that is behind the bed so I went outside and beat on the bedroom slide and sure enough we heard the cat. She had gotten behind the bed and inside the space that is under the bed. She was happy there and had no intention of coming out. We were now concerned that we would be in Raton until she got hungry and decided to come out.

There was no way that we could reach around and grab the cat so I lifted the bed but there is a plywood covering over the slide mechanism and that is where the cat was. In order to get to the cat I had to unscrew the bed supports and the plywood from the foot of the bed. This still only allowed a small amount of access since I couldn’t get to the screws at the head of the bed. My grandson and I held the bed up while my wife crawled part way under the bed and managed to grab the cat by the head and pull her out. Once the cat was out, I had to put the bed back together. All of this put us one and a half hours behind schedule. I considered, just for a moment, of leaving the cat in Raton. We have now closed any access to the back of the bed and any other small space that Sussie might try to get.

We got under way and decided to stop for the day in Cheyenne, WY instead of going to Laramie or Rawlings. The day had started off cloudy and now there was a threat of rain. We crossed the Raton pass and on the other side the chance of rain had gone up considerably. By the time we got to Pueblo, CO, the rain started to come down and it looked really bad farther to the north. We pulled over at a rest stop just north of Pueblo and a trucker informed us that there was a tornado warning in Colorado Springs. By the time we left, the warning had been cancelled so we pressed onward. We ran through some heavy rain and small hail as we go closer to Denver. Because we were running late, I knew that the traffic would be bad. With the rain and the afternoon rush, it took us over and hour to get through Denver. At times we were completely stopped on the freeway. The traffic made me fell like I was in Houston except that the outside temperature was now 54 degrees and light rain.

We survived the Denver traffic and got into Cheyenne just after 6 pm. The stress level was a little high, so I’m glad that we stopped at the Cheyenne KOA for the night. There was still some light rain with some wind and the temperature still in the low 50s. The low for the night was 42 degrees so we had to use the furnace in the new camper for the first time.  We also have one of the fake fireplaces but it added a very nice touch to a cold night.

The cat that likes to hide.
Sussie on Bed

This isn’t like Texas in August!
Boys at Cheyenne KOA


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