Our Cat Adjusts to the Camper

I mentioned in an earlier post that we decided after camping for the last six years without our cat to take a chance and take the 15 year old cat with us to the Farm Country RV Park in Medina, Texas. She has cost us an arm and a leg over the past number of years because of boarding fees. You probably are questioning why we waited so long to take her and that would be a valid question. Well, this cat has never been a really friendly cat and is a very volcal cat. Also, most cats aren’t good travelers like dogs unless you start them out as kittens. Our last cat was the best traveler that you could ask for because we did start her our as a kitten. She would get into the car just like a dog and sit on the back of the seat as we went down the road. We have never had the courage to try Sussie since she was 9 or 10 by the time we got our camper. We also have the Border Collie and they aren’t the best of friends. Eventhough we have a 36 foot 5th wheel, we were also concerned about where to put the litter box and what would happen if the cat got outside. Would she run off or stay close?

All of our fears were somewhat unfounded. Sussie did just fine. My wife sat in the backseat of the truck with the dog and cat (the cat being in a carrier). We found a place for the litter box in the camper and she adapted to it without much of a problem. We just had to monitor her to make sure that she went in the box and not someplace else. We also had a crate that we had used for the dog so we used it for the cat when we were gone from the camper for a long period of time. After about 2 days Sussie began to feel at home Sussie the cat. She got out of the camper twice but never ran off. She got under the camper and sniffed around and then went back inside each time. Her security was inside the camper.

Sussie the cat in bed Our return trip was a little bit different for the first part. My wife fed the cat that morning not too long before we left and I guess she had not done her business before we left. The road from Medina down to Hondo is fairly bumpy so after turning onto Highway 90 the cat pooped and puked. Needless to say, I had to stop the camper on the side of the road to help my wife clean out the pet carrier. It did stink! As I was standing outside of the truck on the ditch side, I noticed that the smell seemed to be getting worse. It was then that I noticed that I had the misfortune of stopping adjacent to a white tail deer that had suffered from road kill and had been there more than a few days. After suffering through both sources of smell, we were under way again and the cat hardly made a sound all the way home. All in all it was a very pleasant experience with the cat, so she has won a place on all of our coming trips. She even got along with the dog better than at the house.

Thinking of the cat throwing up reminds us that we should not have fed the cat so close to leaving that morning. On our website, there is a pet page Traveling With Pets. There your will find an article written by a vet that deals with traveling with pets and how to prepare for the trip. Check it out!


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